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Commercial and Residential Gate Installation and service


If you are planning to buy a new automatic gate for your house, then we are here to help you in getting it fitted and installed. We take pride in providing the highest professional service when it comes to automatic gates, and therefore are certain to fit and install your new gate to your satisfaction. Even if you are in the initial stages of your planning and are yet to buy the gate, we can help you choose the right one by giving you a brief overview of the many different types of gates available in the market. We consider all the factors when you consult us and take particular care to ensure that the new system will fit the size and weight of the gate. We will complete automatic driveway gate installation with zero fuss, and your new gate will be ready for use before you know it.


Residential Gates
Protect your property and your family with an automatic gate and entry system. We offer both standard models as well as custom gate options, so you can choose the gate system that best meets your needs.

Electric Gates
Our specialty is electric, or automatic, gates and entry systems that you can conveniently open with the just one click or touch of a button. Adding an automatic gate system to your property can help to increase your property value as well as its aesthetic appeal. It also serves to add an extra element of security, privacy, and peace of mind. Electric gates are extremely easy to use and there’s never a need to worry that the gate will mistakenly be left open.

Driveway Gates
Dazzle your guests and protect your assets and family with an exclusive, custom designed driveway gate. We offer state of the art technology combined with impressive artistry. Driveway gates make it easy to keep your property secure. They are also especially beneficial for homes with children and/or pets as you can rest assured that they will be safe while playing in the yard.

Wooden Gates
When combined with custom designed wrought iron work, wooden gates add character as well as an extra level of protection to your property. Wooden gates are stylish, long-lasting, and complement a variety of landscapes. They can also dramatically increase your property’s privacy, which may be a welcome addition for properties in busier or more congested areas.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gates typically “slide” along rollers. They are some of the most popular among our customers because of their aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Sliding gates are frequently used when space is limited as they will not affect landscaping or parking capacity.

Swing Gates
Swing gates are a great option when you have more room to work with. They’re also a preferred option for customers who are interested in adding a dramatic, yet elegant, touch to their property. Swing gates have fewer moving parts than slide gates, which means that their operation is typically quiet.

Steel Gates
Custom designed steel gates are available both as a sliding gate and as a swing gate. Steel gates are quite strong and durable, which makes them a great choice for customers interested in increased security. Maintenance and upkeep for steel gates is easy, with cleaning and washing posing little difficulty.

Wrought Iron Gates
Wrought iron gates are some of our most popular gates as there are a variety of standard and custom designs available. Wrought iron is both timeless and durable, with gate options available for all types of properties and budgets. These iron gates are a great choice for properties that want to combine the benefit of enhanced security with the ability to show off the landscape beyond the gate.

Commercial Gates
We can create custom automated gates and vehicle entry systems for any commercial property, including apartment and condominium complexes, gated communities, as well as parking facilities, garages, lots, and more!


Our expertise covers everything from above-ground electromechanical gate operators to underground hydraulics to commercial barrier arms and slide gates. We design, install, maintain and repair gate systems that feature in-ground magnetic sensors to trigger the gate as your vehicle approaches, as well as those designed to be triggered by remote control transmitters, keypads or EZ-Pass-style RFID readers.

The biggest difference between residential and commercial gates is their size. Although security is the main reason for installing gates at both commercial and private properties, looks play a major role to the decision of homeowners. In the case of commercial properties, space is the major issue. They must have enough room for vehicles of all types and sizes to drive through with ease. Commercial gates also open and close more times than home ones. This means they need more powerful openers. For example, airports and parking lot gates often use gates with barrier arms and special operators. This allows for fast traffic flow but also facilitates car control by authorities.